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Wife Hides Under Bed To See If Husband Is Faithful, But Hears Something So Unexpected

If you are married you should know that paranoia is never a good thing for it. 

In this article, we will see what this woman did to test the love of her husband. 

She wrote a letter where she said that she was no longer in love with him and for this reason, she wanted to break up.

The woman left the letter on top of their bed and hid under it in order to see his reaction. It was not the reaction she was expecting.

She waited a really long time under the bed waiting for her beloved husband to come home. 

When he finally came he read the letter and reacted in a way that the woman could have never imagined.

The husband immediately called a friend and started laughing about the fact that his wife was breaking up with him.

He was actually excited and happy that she broke up with him and the marriage was over. 

The wife’s feelings were crushed. She stood there for a few minutes until the husband left and then got out of bed. 

She found a letter on the bed and started to read it.

The husband had written that she had to be more careful the next time she decided to prank him.

This is because he could hee her feet sticking outside the bed. 

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