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How Many Of These Gadgets You Actually Recognize? Have You Ever Used One?

In the last few years, everything has changed in the real world thanks to technology. Our world is no longer the same and has changed in a dramatic way thanks to modern innovation.

A very good example is the fact that many years ago if we wanted to listen to music we had to use the radio or cassette tapes. Then after a few years, those were revolutionized and changed into CDs or MP3s, or USBs.

Today if you want to listen to music on the weekend, do it on the Internet on our cell phones or computers through platforms like YouTube or Spotify et cetera.

In this article, we will take a look at some gadgets that we used to use in the past but that can help us realize how lucky we are to have all the things we have today.

1.. This first gadget you see in the picture below is a needle threader. It is the perfect gadget to use if you are struggling to thread a needle.

2.. This second gadget that looks like a colorful desk is named Tailor’s chalk. It is used by tailors while they produce clothes to draw on the fabric they are using.

3.. This third gadget named Etch a Sketch is from the ’80s and was the substitute for the iPad.

4.. This is a record adapter. Its purpose was to help fit records of different sizes onto record players.

5.. Gadget number five was mostly used in schools. It is a Projector and its purpose was to show the classroom a visual aid so that they could see what the teacher was teaching them.

6.. Gadget number six is Merlin. It was actually designed by NASA and is nothing else than a tic-tac-toe gaming device.

7.. This gadget was used to open bottles and also containers. It was named church keys.

8.. Gadget number eight is Wonder Sauna Hot Pants and is from the ’70s. People would wear them in Saunas because it made them sweat and this way they believed they could lose more weight on their waist.

  1. This gadget is named corn on the cob. Its sole purpose was to pick up hot corn.

10.. These are hair bands which were very very popular but also hurt very badly when you tied your hair with them.

11.. The last gadget is Walkmen. And it was one of the first portable devices that you could use to listen to cassette tapes.

Did you recognize any of these gadgets?
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