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Flesh-Eating Bug Poisoned His Body, Now Dad Looks Almost Unrecognizable

Alexis Lewis tied the know with the love of his life Lucy Townsend in 2013 and welcomed their son named Sam. 

They were living their best life until a tragedy knocked on their door. One day he caught a cold and never thought of it as serious. 

He became feverish and blood was passing in his urine. His skin changed and it was clear that wasn’t flu. 

Alexis was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with a streptococcal infection that had penetrated into his organs and tissues. 

He had septicemia, necrotizing fascitis, shock syndrome, and sepsis. His family thought they were going to lose him. 

His kidneys were shutting down and doctors were putting him on life support. He had only three percent chances of survival, as his body had turned black. 

Everyone was in shock. The doctors were going to turn the life support off but wanted to let my family have one more night with me. My family remembers me in absolute agony. 

He ended up losing some parts of his face and all his limbs to a flesh-eating bug. Surgery was needed to cover his both lips with skin. 

After a couple of months, he came out of the hospital to recover at home. 

Alexis is a fighter and is doing whatever he can to help his family and stay strong. 

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