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Family Had Gone Out For Ice Cream, Woman Saw How Happy They Were And Offered To Take A Picture

We are all up to nice gestures that make our spirit full of happiness even from strange people.

This is the story of Joyce Rhinehart who took her nephew for an ice cream after his tennis training and saw a family enjoying ice cream together.

She saw this family and felt like she wanted to take a picture of them enjoying ice cream and she asked them and they agreed.

Joyce asked to send the picture she made to the other person’s phone.
Days later he received a message from an unknown number and felt shivers as he readed it.

The message was so heart touching because the man’s wife had died and that picture was the only one as a family for the last time.

He thanked her so much and after this message Joyce kept in touch with her father and discovered that the women had been ill for over a year.

Joyce wrote to never underestimate a beautiful gesture made from a stranger or not. He gave a beautiful moment to a family that he never knew that now has remained a beautiful memory to them.

Sometimes you have to follow your instinct and make things as they come. Making these kinds of gestures make you as a person happy and in this case made a whole family happy and made them a beautiful memory to them so now they can cherish forever.

There are still people left who have amazing hearts and minds and are a gift to their community for their amazing contribution to them. So happy for Joyce Rhinerhart and this amazing gesture of his.

Share your opinion with us. Do you think there are still people around us to make us feel this happy one day?