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Dragon Girl’ With 600 Tattoos Went ‘Blind’ After Tattooing Her Eyeballs

We all agree that tattoos are nice for the people who like to do them. Some people do not like them, some others think the simple ones are cute, others think they are exacerbated.

Amber Luke is an Australian glam model and addicted to tattoos. She has made an appearance on tv speaking for her addiction and the procedures she has made.

She has done an extreme procedure tattooing her eyeballs blue and she went blind.

Her body is covered with tattoos, over 600 of them. They cost $ 250.000. Even though the procedure she has made she is not regretted for what she has made. Her journey with tattoos started when she was 16 years old. This tattoo in this age made her experience euphoric feeling, and felt peaceful.

After tattooing her eyeballs and going blind she said that this was not the plane she had but this was not her first time going into a painful experience.
Another painful from the outside view is her tongue split because in the first time she did not take care as it should so she did it for a second time.

She says that this kind of experience has made her know more about her antonymy. She is an only fans model named herself “Blue Eyes White Dragon” has spent $70k for her tongue and body modification $70k including breast augmentation, fillers, implants and Brazilian butt lift.

The model has posted pictures of herself before and after extreme procedures. She describes her 18-year-old as a depressed one with no motivation and hate for herself.

She is proud that she has transformed herself into a new person and it’s okay if other people do not see her as a beautiful person.

She declares that she is open minded and society is close minded.

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