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Grandmother of 2 YO Aiden McCarthy Whose Parents Were Killed in Highland Park Shooting Gives Heart-breaking Update on the Young Boy

Being alone in a world like this is scarier for a 2-year-old boy who does not understand anything.

The two-year-old Aiden McCarthy was watching the parade in Highland Park for the 4th of July last year when he heard a gunman opening fire over the people killing seven people and leaving more injured.

The boy was not injured but both of his parents were killed, Irina and Kevin McCarthy. His dad Kevin used his body as a shield to protect his son. A stranger took the kid away and handed him to another family which took care of him for hours.

His picture was shared fast to social media and went viral. His grandfather who lived on the other side of the city heard what happened and took the bad news of the loss of the boy’s parents.

A neighbour showed him the picture of Aiden and he was able to take the kid from a police station. The boy as soon as meted his grandfather said that the mother and dad were coming soon.

The authorities were deciding on the charges against the suspect who killed seven people the community is lifting up Aiden. In this case a Go Fund Me was set to help the boy living this tragedy and raised more than $2 million.

The boy is taking care of his grandparents Misha and Nina Lekberg, and he will need time to recover what he has lived. Now he is full of friends around him who show him love and make sure nothing is missed until he grows up.

obert “Bobby” Crimo III, the suspected gunman was charged with seven counts of first-degree murder. He aperid online via zoom for his first appearance in court showing no emotions.

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