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Doctors Advise Randy Travis’ Wife To Pull The Plug, She Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

Randy Travis is trying his best to be the man he was after doing a lot of cardiomyopathy. He was in a coma and fighting for his life. The doctors during his condition that was getting worse said to his wife to stop his living support and let him pass.

His condition one day was good but the other day was worse. Doctors told her that there was no more hope for Randy but she never listened to them and left him time to recuperate. This was her decision. She said the chances were low but they were worth taking.

His wife said that the hopes were low but she kept praying to God to have him back.
Randy woke up from the coma and began to gain his strength and started to make changes in his healthy condition.

The easy things were a challenge now. His biggest supporter was his family.
He also loved music and after waking up from coma he couldn’t talk and step by step he relearned to talk and play guitar.
His wife says they as a family are grateful for him and that she is very thankful for everything they have achieved.

She also said that what they have now is thanks to the hope that never died inside of her and she says that she knows that god had big plans for Randy and our family.

Now he is up to singing and back on stage.
We are very happy when we read histories like this, because these kinds of stories make us believe that miracles do exist and love and family can heal people.

Hope can make us very strong to fight what is in our life journey and we should never lose it.

Randy is a great man.
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