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Disgraced Singer R. Kelly Learns His Fate As He Is Sentenced for His Sex Crimes

R. Kelly is again in trouble. The singer now is sentenced for his sex crimes. Video of R. Kelly Serenading Inmate’s Daughter From Jail Goes Viral

R. Kelly is a former R&B superstar who was sentenced to prison for recruiting several women and underage girls and contracting them for sexual activities.

Recently a video of R. Kelly has surfaced where he is shown in prison singing and holding in her hand a mobile phone.

The video shows a young girl who is listening to R. Kelly sing. A cellmate asked R. Kelly to sing a song for his daughter who is a teenager.

The young girl herself has talked regarding the video and she confirmed that R. Kelly was singing to her but at the request of her father.

The former singer and songwriter is facing 10 years to life in prison. The reason is sex trafficking and racketeering.

The prison where he is being held is Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. There is also another charge that R. Kelly is facing.

He tried to buy back some tapes that he himself had made which have sexual content with girls who are underage.

He also tried to bribe a witness who was going to testify in his trial regarding child pornography.

Now he doesn’t respond to the court who is calling for him. His reaction was zero. His victims have reported that he made them break into pieces, losing hope. The last time the New York court began deliberating after a five-week trial. The verdict was returned on September 27.

No camera was allowed in the courtroom, and it is believed that they watched the trial on screen. This whole thing was made in this way because of protecting the public. The videos have shown no inappropriate activity and were censored from view.

The trial had 45 witnesses and witnesses of his marriage with Aaliyah. This is another scandal because she was only 15 years old but appeared 18 on her marriage license.

They have agreed to share the story. One of his victims named Stephanie shared her story of sexually abusing Kelly by inviting her into a music studio.

She was 17 years old. Another victim has claimed that he locked her in a room for days and abused her. About 13 years ago he was acquitted of child pornography either so he always maintained his innocence.

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