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Dad Speaks Out After Losing Baby From Common Mistake Parents Make

It is an unmeasured excitement when parents are expecting a baby. Jeff and Natasha were very happy when they discovered they were expecting a girl. 

Their world crashed down just three weeks after her birth when she passed away tragically. 

Parents’ tears were replaced with anger when they got to know what happened with their daughter. 

He shared a post on Facebook about his little girl and to warn other parents.

If you have a baby or you are around a baby, wash your hands a lot. According to their daughter’s doctor, HSV-1 was the cause of her death. 

HSV-1 is a virus form of herpes and is extremely common. More than 67% of the human population is infected with this virus.

The majority part of those who are infected will never show any symptoms, but for newborns is just different. 

They are more prone to this virus and can even be fatal. 

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