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Can Shih Tzu Judge Whether A Person Is Good Or Bad?! Science Explains

Everyone says your Shih Tzu has a sixth sense to find out if a person likes you or not. Well, recent research has just confirmed the theory.

Research by a group from Kyoto University (Japan), published in the journal “Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews”, analyzed how dogs and their owners reacted in a hypothetical situation:

The pet owner was supposed to pretend he couldn’t open a box and ask two researchers for help. One of the scientists refused to help, while another was far more helpful.

Study result

After this scene, the two researchers offered the dog a cookie. The greater the researcher’s refusal to help, the less the analyzed dogs were willing to accept the cookie.

Scientists have concluded that Shih Tzu is able to judge whether a person was good or bad and treat them according to how their owner was treated. In other words: trust when your Shih Tzu doesn’t seem to like someone – he may have seen more than you realize.

Shih Tzus Don’t Like These Specific People

Shih tzus tend to ignore people they don’t like, or who are hostile towards their owners. Are you one of those who share the same idea of ​​the phrase: “I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs, but I totally trust a shih tzu when he doesn’t like a person”? If so, you won’t be surprised by the news that shih tzu doesn’t like people who ignore their owners.

The study led by a professor of psychology at Kyoto University Kazuo Fujita, Japan, proves what many lovers and fans of dogs already know, they really are faithful and hurt for their owners. But for those who didn’t believe in this story that the shih Tzu is not a companion, here’s concrete proof.

How the Study was carried out

A group of 54 dogs was placed observing their owners in different situations. In the first case, there are three people on the scene, the tutor and two others unknown to the dog. The owner asks one of the people for help and is answered. The third is neutral. In the second case, the owner repeats the action on the other person’s side, but this time he is not helped.

The dogs after seeing the situation, undergo two tests. The person who helped and the neutral offer food to the animal, and the animal has no preference between the two. At another time, the person who did not want to help their owners give the dogs food, but in only one case they were accepted.

For the director of the study, this is proof that shih tzu recognize and make social and emotional analyzes of people regardless of their personal interests. For example, he didn’t accept the food, even though he wanted to. Only because of the hostile action of a certain person with its owner.

There are ways to find out if your shih tzu really likes you, here are a few:

Wagging its tail: Everyone knows that a shih tzu’s tail is almost like his smile. If when you come home, he welcomes you with his tail wagging, rest assured, he is very glad to see you.

Following you: Shih tzu that follow their owners, demonstrate how close they are to them. This is a way to make the most of the time together that he has with you.

Licking: We can call it kisses.

Jumps: It is a joyful way to welcome the owner at home. It is often an attempt to reach the face for a licking attack.

Sleeping close to you: When sleeping, the dog is vulnerable. If he chooses to sleep next to you, it’s proof that he feels safe next to you.

Smiling: Yes, shih tzu smile too! If you’ve ever had this impression when playing with your little friend, know that you weren’t imagining things, he should probably be happy with his presence.

shih tzu companionship

Shih tzus have a very short life compared to ours, so they already show their affection and affection from an early age. They always reciprocate with licks and caressing what the owner tries to do best for his life.