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General Hospital Star Jack Wagner’s Son Harrison Was Found Dead In A Parking Lot

The 27-year-old  son of the famous actor star Jack Wagner of the series “General Hospital” was found dead in a parking lot in Los Angeles. For a long time, he was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

However, doctors were not yet clear about his death. They took longer to discover the cause.

Actor Jack Wagner and his ex-wife had previously talked about the boy and his addiction. He was found dead in the early hours of the morning. 

In fact, he has had a difficult new year, and years ago he experienced various fears. This can help doctors find the cause of his death.

“First the autopsy will be done and so things will be clarified,” said the doctors. Jack had posted a notice talking about his fears and calling on young and old alike who wanted to share their fears and addictions and talk to someone. 

According to him, this was the best way to help someone. He was ready to communicate about the fear and shared this on Twitter. According to Jack Harrison, he had problems with alcohol and drugs and could not give them up.

He lived with his ex-wife and two children, Jack, Peter, and Kerry. But they divorced in 2006. He writes in his profile “I am very upset about the event. I love my son and I will miss him very much. 

This will make our lives even more difficult. But we have to stay strong and get through this together. Life is long and we should be happy.”

We offer our condolences to the Wagner family! Did you know him? Share your thoughts about him in the comments on Facebook.