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Birth Mother’s Message to Son Before Adoption Is Just Heartbreaking

When she was only 18 years old, Hanna Mongie found out she was pregnant with a baby boy. Her boyfriend Kaden, unfortunately, passed away in his sleep unexpectedly. 

His death happened only a few days after the eight-week prenatal scan where they first heard their baby’s heartbeat. 

Hanna decided to place her baby Tagg for adoption after Kaden’s death. 

She says she just felt that the baby was supposed to be raised by someone else, even though it was the last thing she had left from Kaden.

The baby’s adoptive parents lived in Provo, Utah. They and Hanna arranged an open adoption. 

This means that Hanna would still be able to see her baby every month. They live only 10 minutes away from each other and this has helped them develop a strong bond.

Emily, Tagg’s adoptive mother, has become a very close friend for Hannah. 

She is also a role model that Hannah aspires to reach one day. They call each other fest friends. 

During the time that Tagg was still living with Hannah after his birth, Hannah recorded a heartwarming video for him. 

She posted it on youtube and added a description to it.

In this description, Hannah says that according to her, giving your child up for adoption is not a bad thing. 

On the contrary, it is a gesture of love. Because it shows that you love this baby so much that you are able to give him to someone else just for him to have a better life.

This video has has a very big impact on people and has now 3 million views.  

Did you find this story inspiring? Do you agree with her?

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