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After Reading This – You Won’t Take Your Phone Anymore In Bathroom

Sometimes it happens that we pick up the phone when we go to the bathroom. This is because we are very attached to it. Most of the time we spend on the phone. In this way, we can’t take it out of hand even when we go to the toilet.

Have you ever read a news story, watched a video, or read something on Facebook? If this has happened to you, then this article is the solution to this problem.

First, we need to know that, in the bathroom, there are many bacteria that also stay in our hands and clothes. But these bacteria also stay in our phones. We have listed some of these bacteria and their functions.

1. E. coli

According to studies conducted in London, this type of bacteria is found in your phone after you go out of the toilet. For this, a study was conducted, in which it was found that this bacterium is found in the phone and your hands. This is noticed after you go out of the toilet.

2. C. diff

It is another bacterium that damages our health. This bacterium causes diarrhea and abdominal pain. There have also been cases where this bacterium has affected the colon. According to research, this type of bacterium is found in smartphones and hands.

3. Fecal matter

Recent studies have shown that fecal matter is very harmful and often stays on phones that are also used in the toilet. This bacterium stays on the surface of your phone for one day.

4. Flu virus

If you take your phone with you to the toilet, it will probably be affected by bacteria. These bacteria are harmful to you. The bacteria stay on the table, on the sofa, in the bed, or maybe in the hands of your child, when he is playing on the phone. When using it make sure you wash your hands. Also, do not forget to clean your phone with a damp towel and alcohol.