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59-Year-Old Couple Gives Birth After 38 Years Trying TO Start A Family

Everyone’s dream is to have a healthy family. Children are the most beautiful part of the family. They are a blessing and delight in the hearts of their parents. Whoever has children is blessed by God. Because the child is a gift that not everyone has.

Many parents face abortion and the inability to have children. Some suffer from infertility pain. Many people become parents at a very old age. We will tell you the story of a couple who have children after 38 years of effort.

A 59-year-old woman at Bellevue Woman’s Center gave birth to a healthy and very beautiful boy. The woman had no children and why she was married 38 years ago. She has been trying to have children for about 40 years. So she decided to start fertility treatments. After a long time full of prayer and pain, the couple became children. Their son is healthy, and they live together in New York.

They spent a long time trying to have a baby. The woman could not conceive, and they failed to have a child for about 40 years. The problem lay in the fallopian tube. This tube was blocked, so pregnancy did not occur. In this way, they underwent infertility.

They were very desperate and upset. The years were passing, and they were convinced that they could not have children. But one day, something changed. The woman read an article where she wrote that a woman in her 60s gave birth to triplets.

The couple was very happy after reading this article. For them, hope arose that they too could have children. So the doctors thought they should undergo in vitro fertilization. They were happy because they finally managed to have a child. The child that was born was named Isaiah Somuah