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Adorable 3 YO Girl Gives Dad Hilarious Lecture About Leaving Toilet Seat Up

One of the most common sources of fights between men and women is the toilet seat. But do we know who is the actual responsible party for this?

Women say that it is the man who needs to put the seat down after he has put it up before.

Men on the other hand do not think about it much.

In this article, we will see how this little girl got tired of her father not respecting this bathroom rule and decided to lecture him.

Bradlee Rae Hayes is a 3-year-old little girl who is obsessed with this bathroom rule.

She always gets annoyed when she sees that her father has let the toilet seat up.

Every time she tried to lecture him about the reason why is it annoying to her and why he should always put it down.

She makes a good point by telling him that he needs to put it down every time he uses the toilet.

Because if Bradlee needs to use it later, she has to find it ready for her to use. 

Bradlee has a hard time understanding why the father does not listen to her. She asks him why he keeps doing this action after all the times she has told him not to.

But unfortunately, Bradlee’s father doesn’t see a big issue and keeps leaving it up.

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