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8 Things You Have To Be A Shih Tzu Owner To Know

1. If you have ever had a dog at home and he obeyed you when you ordered it, forget that this could have happened to Shih Tzu. They are free spirits and do not take commands.

2. Is it any wonder that the Shih Tzu dog breed is so prevalent and fashionable lately? Ask. They are such wonderful animals and have cute bodies and shiny eyes.

You may have heard that Shih Tzu is a beautiful and intelligent breed but did you know that this type of dog would protect the house from strangers? Yes, it is true. They begin to leave as soon as they smell the scent of an oncoming stranger. And fortunately, they have a good smell.

3. These dogs certainly have a strong bond with their owners. They follow their owners, learn from them and also show a lot of love by playing with them. So if a friend of yours has just received a Shih Tzu, you should tell him how to behave with his dog. Of course, you have to treat it with love. And teach him how to play games, or move. There are plenty of cases where this Shih Tzu makes some fun moves, and everyone likes it.

4. This breed of dog is very much liked by the owners because it has a free spirit, they are intelligent, they seem to smile all the time, they have cute legs, small tail, a small body and that makes some small jumps as if it were a child at the perfect age just to play.

5. With her small legs, it makes a kind walk. The back muscles of the legs are not as developed. So unlike other dogs, it takes the force of movement from his hands because his front muscles are stronger. If you do not like to keep a dog that you would treat with love, and your dog was very cute, then yes, your suitable dog is Shih Tzu.

6. You may be wondering if you can train this dog even though he has a free spirit and does what he wants? They indeed do what they want, go where they want, and do not take orders. So you do not have to bother to order it at all. Train that dog by putting to work the love he shows for his owner. Although he is an energetic dog, he would still be ideal for an apartment because he would not destroy your home.

7. These dogs are very different from each other. They depend on their colors, hair length, nose color, ear size, etc.

8. You must constantly take care of his health. You visit, you take a shower, you give the right food so that your dog never suffers from cancer. Make sure you brush your teeth every morning and every dinner. This would protect his health.

Now that you have this 8 information, I believe you know what Shih Tzu wants.