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40+ Bizarre People Spotted On The Subway That Will Make You Rethink Taking Public Transportation

Everyone who uses public transport, especially subways, can say that there is a different world. From weird costumes to animals in bags, you will encounter strange things on your regular subway ride.

There is a good chance to have fun and meet bizarre things. You also might reconsider walking to work or just using another way to go.

Look at the photos we collected and you will laugh out loud. It is up to you to say which one is more bizarre and hilarious.

This is just to troll people who do not read Arabic. It says: ‘This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language.’

Who will win this subway war?

Satanist Convention Downtown is just happening right now.

This photo was taken in Moscow where cats are prohibited on subways.

This pit bag is a new fashion trend.

A little late for dinner, she thought to get it done.

New fashion choice again?

Just a plague doctor living his life. You might consider running.

Pikachu living his life.

When you order Barack Obama on Wish.

Just a pet raven, nothing to worry.

A three-course meal there for a classy gentleman.

The headline is just perfect.

Even before the pandemic.

We have to save her dinner.

Just a smart woman standing there.

Criss Cross expert level.

Which costume is the best?

Maybe you have to read at home.

The safest place in the world.

The plague should be very near.

Are cross-species allowed in the subway?

Enjoying his travel.

Which one did you like the most?