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20+ Parodies From Actress, Sense of Humor Helped Her Get In Hollywood

Celeste Barber is an actress, comedian, and celebrity. She has around 9 million people following her on Instagram. She started a funny experiment years ago showing popular photos recreated by her. 

Her project was so successful, and now she is traveling and telling stories behind her photos. She is telling also us about her relationship with the celebrities she was copying. 

We collected some photos from her original captures that will make you smile.

The base of a good relationship is trust.

Tummy Tea.

When you cannot let summer go.

Trying the windswept.

A new fragrance which I and Kim am working on. 

Luxury tampons. 

It is looking like Mariah’s humble.


Falling into a pool.

Happy birthday Lenny Kravitz.


I celebrated 2 million followers this way. 

Style and safety together.

Happy Birthday, Ruby Rose.

Just some random cows. 

A few drinks and my friends want to make my makeup.

Valentine’s Day.

You will never be like J. Lo if you don’t look like this after a three-minute sleep. 

I miss summer. 

Happy birthday Kenny!