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10+ Most Favorite Shih Tzu Activities

Shih Tzu dogs also have their preferences. Every Shih Tzu loves the company of his owner, and nothing is more rewarding for him than performing some activities in your company. Recently, a survey carried out by Beneful, a brand of dog food and snacks, revealed 10 activities that Shih Tzu dogs like to do the most, according to their owners.

In addition to several other games that they will also love to play with you. Preferences may vary with each Shih Tzu, but for sure they all love these activities, read below:

  1. Snacks

Every Shih Tzu loves snacks. It’s no wonder that many trainers use this very popular artifice as a training method — they are the famous rewards when the Shih Tzu does something right or that pleases him. There’s no harm in using this feature at home, even when you’re not training him or teaching him anything. The only condition is that these treats are canine and appropriate for your Shih Tzu’s age and that it is not given too often, use them with discretion. Never give human foods, especially high-calorie foods. Here common sense should always prevail, after all, you don’t want to harm your partner’s health.

  1. Meal

Who doesn’t love a good meal? Every Shih Tzu loves to eat well. The preference for a balanced, balanced and healthy diet is recommended, always respecting the age of the Shih Tzu. It is always better to offer small amounts, 2 or 3 times a day, so as not to encourage weight gain. So the dog eats the correct amount little by little, making better digestion, without bloating the stomach all at once, which can generate a series of other intestinal problems.

  1. Gnawing bones

Shih Tzus love to gnaw bones, whether real or toy. In fact, bones are excellent for their dental health. If it is not possible to give them real bones, nowadays there are several types of toys that imitate real bones or even appropriate snacks to help with chewing and preserving their teeth. Avoid chicken bones as they are too thin and often break into sharp pieces that can get stuck in your throat and even injure your internal organs. Give it a try, I’m sure he’ll love it.

  1. Bite

Shih Tzus also love to bite, it’s part of their natural instinct. It is not recommended to encourage him to go out biting everything and everyone around, but when they are still puppies it is important to give them resistant and appropriate rubber toys so that they can alleviate the discomfort caused by the teething growth phase. You will be doing him good, in addition to taking his focus away from other objects or people, and still supplying his primitive needs.

  1. Stroll

Everyone likes to go for walks, and Shih Tzus are no different than humans. Walks are great opportunities to spend time with your Shih Tzu, teach him how to behave in other environments, socialize him, exercise him, and it’s an excellent distraction. Who likes to be stuck in one place all the time? Especially if the dog lives in an apartment or house without a garden.

During the walk, the Shih Tzu can smell other odors, spend its nails on the asphalt, see different things, that is, stimulate its brain in a fun way and in the best of company. Whether it’s a walk around the block or a good walk, he’ll love the ride (remember he should always be on a leash to avoid accidents, and by your side, never leading in front to ensure owner supremacy).

  1. Snuggle up with the owner

Most Shih Tzu love affection, some more than others, but all of them don’t need a cuddle from their owner. Shih Tzus are even known as lap dogs. This is due not only to the favorable size but also to the fact that they love to snuggle in their laps. And this is not just restricted to the little ones, many large breeds may not be able to snuggle in the lap, but they love to lie next to or at the feet of their owners.

  1. play

Shih Tzu loves to play, and the two of you together will have an excellent opportunity to enjoy moments of pure leisure by performing simple games together. Regardless of age or size, Shih Tzu puppies or adults are happier and more emotionally stable if they have plenty of chances to have fun with their owners. The important thing is to be careful and only play healthy games that don’t hurt. Not to mention that when playing, he will also be exercising.

Here are some examples of healthy play they love:

Throwing a ball or other objects – the activity consists of throwing a ball or other object that can be carried for the Shih Tzu to look for and bring it back;
Bounce – the activity consists of holding a favorite object high and encouraging the Shih Tzu to jump to catch it, jumping to make it difficult to reach;
Hide – the activity consists of hiding from the Shih Tzu and saying a few words so that he can look for you not only by hearing but also by smell;
Tug of War – the activity consists of holding one end of the rope on one side and letting the Shih Tzu pull the other end with its teeth;
Finding objects – the activity consists of hiding some objects, toys, or even snacks, and letting the Shih Tzu look for the objects;
Commands – the activity consists of playing to command the dog, such as sitting, standing, rolling, and lying down, which in addition to distracting him, helps to make him more obedient.

  1. Sniff

Shih Tzus love to go around investigating everything that smells. But sniffing is a natural instinct for every dog, so they all love to satisfy their curiosity — it’s healthy, stimulating, and a lot of fun.

  1. Ride by car

Not all, but many like to go for a drive, especially if they can stick their nose out of the car window. It all depends on how used they are and how often they do these tours. Remember that you cannot leave the dog locked up in a car alone, or for long periods of time — it is dangerous and this can lead to death from dehydration.