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Woman Strapped With Duct Tape To Her Seat After Trying To Open Plane Door During Flight

An American Airlines flight had to experience this when a woman tried to open the plane door mid-flight. She had to be strapped to her seat with duct tape. She was on a flight from Dallas to Charlotte when she tried to open the door. 

The crew rushed to stop her and she bit and physically assaulted a flight attendant. She said ‘I need to get off this plane and went up to the exit door and started banging. Let me off!

There was no other choice but to restrain her in her seat using duct tape, while the plane with 190 passengers landed safely. 

She was transported to the hospital for evaluation. She was put on American’s no-fly list pending investigations. 

It is impossible to open a door mid-flight while the pressure is thousands of pounds.