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Unbelievable! Everyone Thought Shih Tzu Would Not Walk Anymore – Miracle Happened

Gizmo is the lucky puppy. “It simply came to our notice then. We did not expect such a miracle. “I am happy that my dog ​​can now come with me to the park.”. Says his owner. Amanda Large is the owner of Gizmo and feels thrilled by this event.

Gizmo was paralyzed and could not walk. Its legs were weak, and it could no longer use them. Its owner says it was upset when he realized her dog was paralyzed. She said that when she saw that her dog had problems, she took it to the vet. Her dog had suffered severe back injuries, which prevented her from walking. For this reason, it can not use its feet. Gizmo was 13 years old, and this disease has made him very tired.

” When the vet saw the dog, he told me he could not walk anymore. Its leg was badly damaged and is not functioning properly. That way it can stay still forever. “

So the dog owner sent him to a dog service center so he could start walking. But that decision was the best decision he had ever made. She shows that her dog has progressed a lot now and has started using his legs. The holistic treatment of pets has helped Gizmo a lot to walk. After frequent treatments, her dog feels better.

The vet tells Amanda that her dog had suffered a lot of spinal injuries. After the visit to the vet, Gizmo started to be slower and could not stand on his feet. Weeks passed, and his condition worsened even more.

“I was worried. After meeting the vet, its condition started to get worse. He was completely paralyzed and could not even stand. I am sorry to see my dog ​​in that condition. He could not control his bladder, and he had problems urinating.”

With Gizmo enrolling in the dog center he began to improve. “Its mood started to improve, and we saw him feel happier. There was no more beautiful gift for us. I can not describe how I feel in these moments. ” says Amanda. It is a miracle. ” I am very proud when I see my dog ​​moving in the kitchen. He is looking for food and can even eat food on his plates. “It can move, and he looks so strong.”