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Unbelievable! $50M Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton And This Has More

The 2016 election period is one of the most important in US history. Hillary Clinton competed with Donald Trump for the presidency. Of course, if she won, she would be the first woman president in the US. However, she failed to win the election, and this upset her and her party members.

But that did not remove Hillary Clinton from the spotlight of the media and critics. Also, colleagues and MPs of the Democratic party led by Hillary Clinton were very disappointed by the loss. They do not accept this fact and blame Hillary for this. But this situation upset her a lot, and she started criticizing the deputies of her party. Of course, there were many reactions to this situation.

But what stood out was that her criticism seemed to be for a single MP. Everyone thought she did not have a good relationship with Gabbard. It was even more dubious because the relationship between them became very cold. What made this relationship worse was that Gabbard had become very famous and loved by the people. Statistics showed that she was preferred more than Hillary Clinton.

She had understood this preference of the citizens, but she thought that only they did not have a finger here. According to the interviews she has given, she feels this competition is a danger. However, according to her, the other candidate was supported by Russia. It is also the reason why she is more likely to lead this party. It seems that the competition was getting bigger between them.

Gabbard describes Hillary Clinton as unworthy to lead the party, and she has no sympathy for Clinton. According to her, she is a woman who deserves to be there. But Gabbard did not stop there. The loss of the Democratic party was commented on as a major loss to Clinton. For this reason, Gabbard has filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton.