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This Is The Reason Why Shih Tzus Do Not Like Men As Much As They Like Women

Shih Tzu is a special dog, very loving and friendly. They like to play and spend time with their owner. Even though you spend a lot of time with them, you will not realize that in addition to your dog, you also have many benefits. Of course, more women benefit from this. But why does this happen?

Women are sensitive and need love. Since women are very emotional, adopting a Shih Tzu is the perfect choice for those who feel good emotionally. Shih Tzu will make you infinitely happy and will be your best friend. The dog will stay close to you, and this will make you feel good. Also because they are very sensitive, will feel their dog close and he will give them a lot of love.

If you are considering getting a dog, the best solution is Shih Tzu. They want to have fun and never get tired of playing games or running. It makes them feel good. But you have no idea how well this will do you! According to studies, many women in the world feel happy to have a Shih Tzu in their life. Why does such a thing happen? Dogs are best friends, and they will always motivate you to exercise. They help women exercise, and this improves the cardiovascular system. They will also help you stay in shape and be active in your daily life.

But the same does not happen with men. Shih Tzu is a very loving dog, but they prefer to be closer to a woman than to a man. It happens because the woman is calmer, more loving, more emotional, and more caring. While men are colder and do not give the same love as women. If a man approaches pet a dog, he will not allow it. Shih Tzu has no desire to stay with that unknown man. It will scare them, and they will certainly not feel safe at all. While with the woman, the opposite happens. They can stay without worrying about women they do not know.