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These Rappers in Louisiana Kill Their Rivals And This Is What Happened

Conflicts between rappers are the most common. This is happening often in recent days and is known in many countries around the world. One of the countries that have the most rapper in the USA is Louisiana. There are conflicts between rappers.

The latest conflict is in Louisiana between rappers and hip-hop rival Michael Brock.
The second suspect, Tauj Chardez Taplin fled the scene and was stopped by police. Police quickly chased him until they arrested him.

The suspect was leaving the scene quickly and risked a car accident. He was arrested in Louisiana and charged with manslaughter. They also fought with the police. The murder took place in a group, and it is thought that the other singers hid in the Sunset Acres apartment complex in Bogalusa, Louisiana. The members of the group Tre-13 had hidden and after the murder of the rapper received death threats.

Young people have had fights for a long time. Police say they killed Brock with a gun. After the crime, he quickly left in his car. He is thought to be linked to criminal gangs and is suspected by police of other crimes.