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These Are The Must-Have Shih Tzu Products

Your Shih Tzu is one of your joy sources, so getting the right products for them is very important. These things will help your Shih Tzu achieve a happy life. 

These products are proven to help.


A comfy bed is the best place for your Shih Tzu to spend his nights. As your Shih Tzu grows, you will have to get a larger bed for him. 

Leash and Collar

These are two of the most important things your Shih Tzu will need. Make sure to adjust their collar the best way.


It is a must to have a crate for your puppy when he grows. To play, run around and rest. 

Dog Food

Match the food with your dog. It is important to bear in mind their age, breed, and anything else specific. 


Do not forget to add your name, phone number, email, or microchip. These things can help you if your dog is lost. 


Get a good brush, shampoo and blow dryer, and other grooming supplies. Do not neglect his grooming. 

Food and Water Bowls

Get high-quality plastic that doesn’t house bacteria and you can clean easily. Better than that is a stainless steel bow. 


Your Shih Tzu loves toys, and this brings happiness to him. Do not forget to select some chew toys that are perfect for your puppy.