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These Are 7 Human Foods Safe For Your Shih Tzu

 We always take care when talking about pets. The food we give them there can be harmful to their stomach. Not every food we eat is healthy for our dogs. If you have a Shih Tzu, it will be easy for you to feed it. It is because Shih Tzu likes a lot of food from people who eat it too.

We have made a list of foods that your dog can eat. 

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a food that we consume every day. It is delicious and rich in protein. We consume yogurt because it is very healthy for our body. The same thing happens with Shih Tzu. It strengthens the dog’s bones and helps in the growth of his hair. 

2. Chicken meat

Chicken meat tastes fantastic and is healthy food. We consume and like chicken very much. But not only us, but Shih Tzu also likes chicken very much. We advise you to give your dog chicken instead of the packages you buy with dog food. He would like this more. But you need to cook the chicken well 

3. Salmon

You need to buy salmon for your dog. Salmon contains a lot of omega 3. This strengthens your dog’s immunity. The fat contained in salmon is healthy and very tasty. If your dog consumes omega 3 enough, he will get sick less. You should also consume salmon well cooked, to eliminate parasites.

4. Peanut butter

This food is in the fridge of each of us. If you do not find something to give your dog, you can give him peanut butter. But you have to make sure that the butter does not contain xylitol. This ingredient is deadly to dogs.

5. Carrots

We use carrots in soup or when making salads. Carrots have nutritional value and are very tasty. If your dogs consume carrots, they do not gain weight. Carrots contain little calories and dietary fiber. Consuming carrots strengthens dog teeth and makes them healthier.

6. Apples

Your dog will love apples. They are delicious but also help dogs digest food. Before you give moths to your dogs, you need to clean the seeds. Seeds can be harmful to your dog as they contain cyanide. The skin is delicious and can strengthen the dog’s teeth.

7. Beans

You may not believe it, but your dog loves beans too. You need to choose fresh green beans for your dog. They are low in calories and do not cause overweight. They also have vitamins and are very tasty. You can buy them in packs and put them in your Shih Tzu daily food.