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12 Truths About Farting You Probably Didn’t Know

We all sneeze, growl, or have a sore throat. Sometimes we were ashamed, and we did not like to grumble or get hiccups at all. What can we say if these happen in public? It is not pleasant at all, and everyone tries to avoid it. The worst-case scenario is when someone farts in public. He will feel bad, and you will not like this action at all. What are the facts you did not know about fart? We read a little about it because, in most cases, we think it’s something embarrassing. Here are some facts you need to know.

Fart means the wind that comes from the anus. This word was used in 1962.

Boys or girls? Of course, boys are the ones who fart the most.

On average, a man or woman farts about 15 times a day.

What is a fart? Fart occurs when the body needs me. In cases where it happens, it means we are healthy. Fart occurs when there is swelling in the gastrointestinal tract. Some people go to the doctor for treatment when they cannot vomit.

During farting, the whole body is cleansed of toxins. When the man farts releases hydrogen sulfide. This gas is very harmful to the kidneys.

Females fart less, but their farts smell bigger. Why does this happen? It is because women have more hydrogen sulfide than men.

Farts have more noise and are bigger when you sit down.

Farts are caused by certain foods. For example, when chewing gum or drinking fizzy drinks, you can fart more.

Maybe you do not understand, but most of the farts are released when we are asleep.

Farts are very important for our health. They cleanse the body and show that we are healthy.