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The Video Of A Newborn Infant Delivered In An Unbroken Amniotic Sac Is Incredible

Dr. Ignacio Tomasone is a gynecologist from Argentina. Recently, he has shared a very beautiful video on his social media platforms.

The video shows a newborn baby who is delivered in his amniotic sac, which is not broken. This is called en caul birth and it is just incredible.

The fetus, during pregnancy, is surrounded by a sac filled with fluid. This is the amniotic sac and it serves as a protection for the fetus. Before the babies are born, this sac gets broken and that coincides with the famous “water breaking” in pregnant women.

But very rarely happens that this sac does not get broken and the baby is born inside it The en caul birth only happens one time in 18.000 births. In many cultures, this type of birth is seen as a bringer of good luck. It is also known that some might dry it and store it in their home as a good luck charm.

Being that the baby born with the en caul is still surrounded by the fluid inside, it is said that this is a sign of how great he will do in life. Of course, this is only a superstition and has no scientific proof. This amazing phenomenon is also called “mermaid birth” or “veiled birth” in some cultures.

Getting back to the video, it was a huge success online as 3.313.677 people from all around the world have viewed it and thousands have commented on it.

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