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So Talented! Only 15YO Black Girl Won The Global Math Competition

Some children are very talented and work hard to achieve everything they want. The same story is that of the 15-year-old who is in love with mathematics. Nothing stops him from being the best in this field. Faith Odunsi is a 15-year-old girl who won the world math competition.

She is studying in a Nigerian high school, and the teachers show that she is an excellent student. “Faith is a girl who works hard. It is night or day, it does not matter. She is passionate about math, and her logic is very developed. This girl is talented.” describes proudly her teacher.

She participated in the world mathematics competition in 2021. The competition had students from all over the world. She completed all the questions carefully, giving solutions to every mathematical problem. The other competitors were from good schools, but the girl from Nigeria won the competition.

“I love mathematics. But when the competition started I felt scared, and it seemed to me that I had forgotten everything. “But I gave myself courage, and I was confident that I would succeed,” says Faith. She won first place in the competition and along with it won a prize of 1000 euros. The girl says that she was prepared for this competition for a long time. Many schools asked Faith to be a part of them. But in the meantime, she also managed to win scholarships.