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Rebel Wilson Lost More Than 60 lbs After This Inspiring Weight-Loss Journey – Gorgeous

This goes for you ladies that you do not have to be at a certain size to have a boyfriend, She had lost more than 60lbs

Rebel Wilson is a major star with her performances on TV. She is known for her roles in Bridesmaids and Pitches Perfect. 

She used her time wisely and for a year lost 60 pounds. Pandemic is boring but some people used it to their advantage. She was freer to work with herself. 

She declared 2020 as the year of her health. She worked strictly with a healthy diet and exercises. Now she looks stunning. 

She wrote a letter to herself at the beginning of 2020 and she achieved her goals. She decided to change her lifestyle from January 1. Avoiding sugar, junk and drinking a lot of water.

She used a program called the Mayr Method. But we have to say that these programs do not work for everyone, so you should talk to your doctor first.

We hope she is doing great!