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Prince William’s Rejection of Prince Harry After Philip’s Funeral Is So Cruel

Yet again Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah had the feathers ruffled. This is why…

Everything started in 2016 when Prince Harry started to date actress Meghan Markle. More was blown to the fire after the interview.

The future King of England distanced himself from his brother and brother’s wife. They even didn’t speak for months. It is very sad to see this distance between them.

They have been so close to each other since their mother’s death. Do not rush things, said William to Harry in 2016. Take as much time as you need.

Harry didn’t like it and the tension continued to grow even about Harry and Meghan’s engagement.

William warned him again. What hurt Harry was that he supported William with Kate when she was not adored by everyone.

William felt that his brother abandoned his birthright. William felt his brother abandoned his sense of duty and birthright…

They spent less time together. Even their uncle intervened between them. Harry didn’t slow down. They said everything in the interview.

From the color of Archie’s skin, Meghan’s suicidal thoughts, Prince Philip’s funeral, and more. Prince William is sick to the pit of his stomach after the nominations of Harry and Meghan in Emmys.

This is more bad news according to royal experts.