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Prince Charles ‘Furious’ That ‘Lurid’ Lies From Diana’s 1995 Panorama Interview Took 27 Years To Be Corrected

It seems that this event has upset the prince, who will be the next king. According to sources, many lies were told in that interview, and this cost the royal family and Prince Charles dearly. The event became even more annoying when an apology was made 25 years after this interview was conducted.

He claims that this interview has damaged his image and that of his family. He says they should have apologized a long time ago. But the forgiveness required did not come at a time when everyone was waiting for it to come. He is privately mad that it took him 27 years. “The interview and the allegations caused long-term damage to the future king and his family,”, a source claimed.

According to him, the BBC has made a big mistake by showing an interview with untrue stories. But what embarrasses her most is that the BBC apologizes after 3 decades for something it has done with its conviction. He never accepts this action of the media, because it has tarnished his image.

In a letter to the BBC, she wrote to Prince Charles. However, this does not change anything for the prince. He states that through the letter, they had asked for fire. “This action is intolerable. The interview that the BBC showed to the people was also intolerable. There were no real sentences in that interview. However, it is too late now. About 27 years have passed, and I think this is a very long time.”
Journalists and the prince’s entourage show that everything that was said in that interview about the prince is not true.

For this, the BBC must find a way to fix this. In a letter, the BBC writes that it regrets this and apologizes to the prince. However, it seems that they did not go so badly for Princess Diana. “She did not agree with the interviews and did not ask for any moment to interrupt her. She looked pleased and not as the prince claims. The interview was within the rules, and the questions were very professional. We did not cross the border and respected the princess and the royal family. ”; writes the Mirror.