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Minutes Filled With Love, Heartbreaking Moments When Daughter Is Born And Dies In Couple’s Arms

Amber became a mother on July 1 of 2019. It was a premature birth but she couldn’t do anything but go to the hospital and give birth.

She had a special request that day. She wanted a photographer to document the whole procedure through photos. 

Amber and her husband Monty were going through a difficult time but love is what kept them strong.

Monty was there together with Amber giving her his support for everything she was going through.

She also had the full support of her mother, Anne-Marie, who drove 3 hours to get there.

Also, her best friend Lina was there to support Amber. 

The birth lasted about 20 minutes and then Emily-Anne came to life.

Her umbilical cord was cut by her father Monty. She was immediately put into the arms of her mother. 

It was a very exciting moment filled with all kinds of emotions.

They were happy to meet their daughter but also sad as they knew she would not be with them for long. 

Emily-Anne was part of our world for only 17 minutes.

But for the little time she existed, she was the most loved little baby in the world.

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