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Lover Proposed To Her With A Stunning Diamond Ring, When She Discovered The Receipt, Things Changed

Marriage is a beautiful and difficult moment for everyone. But things can change very quickly if something unexpected happens during the wedding preparations. A man proposed to his girlfriend for marriage.

He had bought a diamond ring and prepared it to propose to her. But everything changed when his girlfriend found the receipt for the ring. She had expected something else. She saw the receipt and realized that her ring was cheap.

The woman was not at all happy about this. She began to complain that she did not expect a small and cheap ring. Initially, she was very happy that her boyfriend had proposed marriage to her. “He had bought a diamond ring and was ready.

Proposed with a diamond ring

I was happy and accepted the proposal. However, I did not expect this. The ring he had chosen was small, smaller than I thought.” The woman says she didn’t like rings and had a very small stone. Also, the gold circle was very thin. She felt disappointed.

Then she decided to find out the price of the ring and after some research, she realized that the ring was cheap. She was very upset. Her husband had a good job and received a high salary.

For this reason, she did not think that he would take such a cheap ring. The wedding ring is the most important piece of jewelry for a man and he should not flaunt it in this way.

P.s The price of the ring was 1,800 euros, approximately $1,750. She shared her post on social media.

In the comments, many people supported her, but some people did not agree with her opinion at all. Of course, in marriage, there are many more important things than the price of the ring. Some commentators advised her not to think too much about the price of the ring but to accept her boyfriend’s proposal.

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