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Leaving Shih Tzu Outside House Is Harmful To Him

If you live in the city, your urban SHIH TZU probably makes the schedule two daily walks to exercise, socialize, and relieve themselves. But if your home comes equipped with a yard and fence, it’s much easier to keep a SHIH TZU.

The simplicity of giving your SHIH TZU morning freedom while you’re still in your robe and slippers is unbeatable. Add a dog door and you won’t even have to get out of bed!

He will be able to satisfy your needs on his own schedule. Does your SHIH TZU only stay in the backyard? How much of it is good for him?

SHIH TZU in the backyard

When SHIH TZU become teenagers, they never tire of exercise, and their contradictions often frustrate their owners. The next day, it’s chewing through the house like a saw. In one of these accesses, the owner is already expelling the SHIH TZU to the backyard OR BALCONY.

At first, it might just be during meals to prevent the SHIH TZU from begging for food, or when he has visitors, to prevent him from jumping around. Then when he goes to work, to prevent him from chewing on the house while he is alone.

When least expected, the only time he is indoors is during storms or cold days. Is this life for a SHIH TZU?
Just being in the backyard is not good for SHIH TZU

A SHIH TZU kept away from home experiences social isolation. He starts barking and howling too much in an attempt to rally his pack. When a family member comes to the backyard to spend time with him, he’ll burst into leaps and vocalizations, displaying a level of enthusiasm so intense that the person won’t want to come back for a second visit.

Over time, an isolated SHIH TZU will become overly independent and difficult to train. He will no longer have the desire to please, for what he needs now is to occupy his time in every way possible. His motto becomes “If it’s fun, do it!”

Dig up plants. Make holes. Fighting at the fence with the neighbor’s dog. With no human interaction, these are the rewarding activities for a backyard SHIH TZU.

There’s nothing wrong with letting a well-behaved shih Tzu spend a day doing nothing on the grass, enjoying the sun, or playing with the fallen leaves. But when the backyard takes its place of teaching proper behavior, you need to go back a few steps and think about why you have a SHIH TZU.

SHIH TZU is a companion animal and, as such, belongs in our homes and families. Just because you have a yard doesn’t mean your shih Tzu should be restricted to it. Take the time to teach him how to behave and socialize him with the world beyond your home. You will find that you have the best company possible.

REMEMBERING: The Shih Tzu is a grace, no wonder it is one of the dog breeds most adored by us Brazilians. They are very quiet and lazy dogs, rarely doing physical activities.

However, these small dogs should be encouraged to take walks to avoid idleness or obesity. And remember that they are one of the best dog breeds for apartments. That’s why it wouldn’t be cool for you to leave your Shih Tzu in the backyard or on the porch.