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How To Put And Make Bow Tie For Short-Haired Shih Tzu?

It is common for Shih Tzu tutors to like to decorate their little friends after a bath so that they are elegant and cuter than they already are, but some people do not know how to put the ornaments correctly and end up bringing damage to the Shih Tzu.

To put the bow on the short-haired Shih Tzu it is important to follow some essential tips and be aware of specific materials suitable for pets. See below for more information.

Keep the Shih Tzu clean and brushed

The bow is an accessory that is usually used to decorate your Shih Tzu after bathing or brushing. Therefore, to maintain the glamor of your pet, it is important that before placing the bow, the dog is clean and well brushed, making it easier to place the bow.

Use specific glue or tape
To place the bow in short hair Shih Tzu there are gel, glues, and adhesive tapes specific for animals that can guarantee that the object stays in place and does not fall out all the time. You can choose to buy pet ties that already come with specific glue.

Press the accessory over the Shih Tzu’s fur
To place the loop on your Shih Tzu, you must press it over the animal’s ears, or on top of its head. Keep pressing for a few seconds so that the loop is fixed well in the Shih Tzu’s fur. If using glue, press for at least one minute until the glue dries.

You can put the bow on the Shih Tzu’s collar

If your shih Tzu doesn’t allow you to put ornaments on its fur, you can decorate the collar. In these cases, just put the bow or tie it on your shih Tzu’s collar so that it is firm, in addition, the durability will be greater.

Types of bows to make

There are many varieties of bows you can make to place on your shih Tzu, from fabric bows to EVA bows. When buying the bow, just choose the one that you liked the most in the store and that matches your shih Tzu.

Necessary materials
To make your bow you will need some basic materials, some of which you probably already have at home. We will list a few below:

Satin ribbon (most used material); lighter or matches; Scissors; Needle and thread; Hot glue gun, stick or instant glue; Colored stones, various ornaments; Colored fabrics if you choose; EVA that can be used to decorate the fabric.

Step by step to make the bow
First, you must cut a piece of satin ribbon to form the bow. Here, the size is up to you. Then, take the lighter and lightly run the ends of the tape to prevent the fabric from fraying.

To shape the loop, you must leave the two ends to the inside and then sew the middle of the fabric with the needle and thread. Here you can choose to make different types of bows if you have the skill.

After sewing, tie a knot in the back to prevent the seam from coming loose. Finally, just decorate the bow as your imagination allows. You can sew the stones together if they have holes or glue embellishments with hot glue. You can cut the EVA in different formats and not too big and use it as an ornament on the bows or glue it to your pet with the specific glue.

Shorthair shih Tzu bow care

The bows must have some special care so that they can be reused and have a good condition of use, see more about

Be careful with the lace material
Due to the fact that your shih Tzu is fragile, you must pay attention to the material used in the bows so as not to harm your pet. Elastic loops should have fabric coverings to prevent friction with the animal’s fur and avoid pulling.

If your shih Tzu has a short coat, the bow is likely to be the base of glue or tape to hold the fur. Pay attention to the types of glue and ribbons used in the bow, as well as the type of fabric. Avoid toxic materials and fabrics that fray easily or are hard, in addition, avoid sharp objects.

Be careful when removing the glue
To remove the glue present in the bow, gently run warm water on the place and rub it slowly with your fingers. Then use a soft towel to dry.

Usually, the glues used in dog ties are specific, so don’t worry about removing them from the animal’s fur, over time the loop tends to fall off and doesn’t leave glue residue on the shih Tzu’s fur.

Be careful when reusing the loop

After your shih Tzu has been using the bow for a while, it may be dirty or in some cases with some embellishments, it won’t fix anymore. Therefore, to reuse the loop you must take some specific care.

First, you should wash the bows with warm water and let them soak to remove any dirt that may have been on the object, and then let them dry in the shade. If any ornaments have fallen off, sew them back together.

If you use any product to wash, remember to rinse well to avoid allergies in your pet, prefer neutral soap, or get some of the shampoos you usually bathe your shih Tzu in.