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Girl Buys Meal For Homeless Man, Then He Hands Her Crumpled Note

This story changed not only the life of the generous girl but also many other lives. On a typical day like all the others, Casey Fischer would go to her class, so she decided to have a coffee at first. 

She decided to have breakfast and have a coffee at Dunkin Donuts near her campus. But something unexpected happened. She saw a homeless man and really wanted to give him a coffee and a meal.

So Casey invited the boy to join him at the table and bought him a coffee and a bagel. She saw the homeless man entering the cafe and could not forget him. He was standing alone, cold, and had nothing to eat. Casey believes he did not even have $ 1. 

So she decided to give him a good meal. They stayed together for a few minutes. The homeless man was named Chris and was a very friendly boy. They talked together and Chris told Casey the story of his life.

He told Casey that he had made many mistakes in life and had repented. Drugs and alcohol had ruined his life. Also, his mother died of cancer and he never met his father. He wanted to do many things to make his mother proud. 

So Chris and Casey talked for more than 1 hour. She shared it on her social network Facebook. Casey greeted Chris and asked him for permission to leave.

But he decided to write a letter of thanks. This touched the girl a lot. He gave me a small, broken piece of paper. “Chris smiled at me and told me he had a great time and was grateful for the coffee and food.” she writes on Facebook.

Casey opened the letter to read it and was amazed. He wrote: “Today I wanted to kill myself and I did not want to live anymore. But you helped me get rid of these thoughts. I will do it now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, beautiful person. 

“These words delighted and surprised Casey at the same time. She was very happy that her small action saved someone’s life. 

She shared the story with others so that her friends could do the same. This seems like a small thing, but it was the meeting that would change his life for Chris. 

If Casey hadn’t offered him a coffee, maybe Chris wouldn’t be living anymore. Remember to do beautiful things.