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Everyone Laughed At Groom, Told Him He Married The Ugliest Bride In The World

In this article, we will see the story of a Russian couple who loved each other and got married, but people around them and around the world were not happy with this marriage.

They received a lot of negative comments and feedback regarding the bride and her physical appearance, but the way she looks today is way different from that of her marriage. 

The couple got married in 2011 and just like anyone else, they wanted to share their happiness in their Facebook account like anyone else.

But the comments they received were only negative. There were people who dared to call her the ugliest bride in the entire world. 

Fortunately, the couple did not care about what people said. They were in love and didn’t care about other people’s opinions. Everyone said their marriage would be over in no time but they proved them wrong. 

After their wedding pictures went viral on the internet, the couple withdrew from the spotlight and went to live in the suburbs, away from the public’s eye.

But, years later, the reporters were able to discover something and shared it with the world. 

A Russian reporter located the couple and discovered that the bride now looked completely different. She looked just like a supermodel.

She had lost a lot of weight and also underwent liposuction and followed some intensive training programs. 

It looks almost impossible but it is true. People think she underwent all these changes because she lacked her confidence.

But that is not why she did it. She just wanted to feel better with herself and for herself. 

They are still a beautiful couple and we support their decision because they deserve to be happy and have the right to do everything they feel is the right thing to do in order to achieve it. 

They proved everyone wrong and are still the happy couple they were the day they got married. 

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