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Eric Per Sullivan Who Played Dewey in Malcolm In The Middle Is All Grown Up Now

One of the best shows that brought a lot of laughter into our homes was “Malcolm in the Middle”. 21 years ago was its first premiere with a total of 151 episodes.

The show was a huge success and it accumulated a total of 15 million people who have watched it. Fox, the channel that produced the show, spent quite a good part of the budget on promoting the show.

The plot was regarding a teenager named Malcolm, who was 14 years old. He was considered to be the smart one in his family out of the other 3 brothers.

His IQ was 165 but Malcolm had difficulties with being understood by his family. This show was inspired by real-life events of its creators’ life.

All the actors who played different roles in this show benefited a lot from it since it helped them make a name for themselves in the show business.

The show was nominated 7 times for the Golden Globe and 33 times for the Emmy Nominations. It was able to win 7 out of 33.

Dewey, the younger brother, was played by actor Erik Per Sullivan who was only 9 years old when it all started. His beautiful and incredible acting, made him steal the show quite a few times.

Erik participated in some other movies like “Unfaithful”, “Christmas with the Kranks”. He also was a voice actor in two other movies but after them, he retired from acting.

Today, Erik looks very different from his appearance in this famous show. He has chosen to stay out of the spotlight and live a quiet and normal life.

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