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Employees Reveal The Absurd Work Dress Code They Were Forced To Adhere To

A lot of companies have opted for a uniform for their employees and others haven’t. What is really important is that their uniform is suitable for the job position and that they are not discriminatory. 

An interesting fact to know is that if the employee had a wage that is above the minimum wage, then the maintenance of his uniform is deductible from his own paycheck. That means that is the employee who needs to take care of the uniform. 

But there are also companies which are good enough to help their employees or even buy them uniforms. Some even give them an allowance to change their uniform every year.

In this article, we will see who some employees have been forced to wear uniforms that were not suitable for the job position or other bad experiences with uniforms.

One employee on Reddit shared with the public that his boss made him pay for his uniform on the first day of work and then fired him the next day. He even had the courage to ask for the uniform back.

A warehouse manager discovered that the boss was making the employees pay $15 for their t-shirts. The manager was kind enough to give 5 t-shirts to every single employee.

But of course, there are also people who had good experiences. Like this one Reddit user who shared that his boss, a doctor, bought 3 sets of uniforms and scrubs tailor-made for each employee. 

Another one, a garden center manager, also provided uniforms for free for all his employees and they were free to take how many they wanted.

However, there are also companies who are not able to provide uniforms for their employees and still know that not everyone can afford to buy a uniform so they have just decided not to force their employees into buying one but rather let them wear whatever they like as long as it is not offensive.

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