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Do You Have To Cut The Shih Tzu’s Eye Hair?

The hair in the eyes of the Shih Tzu is important, and many people cut it because they think it will hurt the eyes of the Shih Tzu.

When they are puppies and growing normally, the Shih Tzu’s whiskers that get into their eyes may look uncomfortable, but they actually protect their eyes.

If they have fur there, it’s for some reason, no wonder Shih Tzu are furry dogs, and the fur has different functions in various parts of the body, protecting it in different ways. Especially for having very sensitive and delicate skin.

Nature is divine! Many owners cut their fur because it is “too much work” to care for a Shih Tzu with long coats or because of the heat.

Yes, it’s a lot of work to keep the coat long, but I don’t like to shave my Shih Tzu for the following reasons: These facial hairs protect the dog’s eyes, as it naturally isn’t as thick as it will grow once you start cutting.

Note that when you cut the hairs in this area, they start to thicken and sometimes become pointy and towards the SHIH TZU’s eyes.

This can cause the dog to injure his eyes, which is when problems start to develop in the area, such as corneal ruptures, ulcers, etc.

Naturally, as they grow, this part of the HAIR takes shape, gains weight, and naturally falls out. You can shave your Shih Tzu for different reasons, but avoid trimming his beard as it can get worse later on! Here are some tips to help your Shih Tzu’s coat get the right shape and keep it out of your eyes without cutting it:

1- Always secure the part of the Shih Tzu puppy’s field of vision with an elastic band to help shape the growth and allow him to see better, being careful not to squeeze too much, as it can hurt.

2- Brush your Shih Tzu’s coat every day to get the correct shape in the direction of hair growth.

Over time, with increasing volume and weight, the fur will naturally fall out to form the characteristic whiskers of the Shih Tzu.

From experience and what I have observed, I have noticed that young Shih Tzus whose owners cut their eye hair (usually starting as puppies because they think they are growing and bothering the pup)

I hope I can help, in the end, it’s everyone’s decision and must be respected!