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Couple Struggles For 5 Years To Get Pregnant, Ultrasound Reveals Shocking News

Jamie and Skyler Scott married each other in 2004.

They had two sons in the first 6 years of their marriage but wanted to have another baby too and they keep trying to have one for the other five years to come.

Jamie eventually got pregnant and when she was only 19 weeks pregnant, she looked like it was her ninth month.

She was not able to walk anymore and had to be transported in a wheelchair.

Jamie got pregnant this third time because they sought the help of a fertility specialist.

Only a few weeks after getting the doctor’s confirmation that she was eventually pregnant, Jamie was tested and had extremely high levels of HCG hormones.

This was their first indication that she might be having several babies.

In their first ultrasound, the couple found out that they were going to have quintuplets. This is so rare that it happens only once in 55 million pregnancies.

Her immediate reaction was crying because of how emotional it was.

In order to support the pregnancy of five babies, Jamie has to gain 100 pounds and this is why doctors advised her to eat about 4000 calories a day.

Jamie gave birth to the quints in week 29 of the pregnancy and it all happened in less than 60 seconds.

They were named Lily, Violet, Daisy, Logan, and Lincoln and each one of them weighed less than 3 pounds when given birth.

They were all healthy but had to stay at the hospital for 6 weeks in order to prevent any complications.

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