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Cancer Survivor-Woman Gives Birth on ‘Twosday’ 22-2-22, Reminder of Good Things

A lot of people consider the 22nd of February to be a very special date as it is made entirely of the number 2, but for the Spear family, it really was a special and memorable day as a miracle happened for them. Their baby was born after a lot of struggles.

Judah Grace is the name of the baby who came to life on this date. Her parents, Aberli and HanK Spear became parents for the first time with Judah Grace after a difficult and long 26 hour labor. Apart from being born on 22/02/2022, Judah came into this world on 02:22 and was delivered to room number 2.

The mother, Aberle, had fought against cancer a few years ago and the doctors had told her that her chances of getting pregnant were very low. She had Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the year 2014 and that is when the doctors gave her the bad news because of all the treatments she underwent.

Baby Judah is a miracle to this family who thought they could not have kids and this is why they named her Judah which means “Praise”. Because the family never stopped praying to have a baby one day. 

Aberle fought with this cancer from 2014 till 2020. When this miracle happened to them, the family took the opportunity to remind everyone to never lose hope. 

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