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Britney Spears Admits She Was Obnoxious On Her And Sam Asghari’s Honeymoon

We all know the famous singer Britney Spears and we all got to know her legal problems with her father those last months.

After she won the court case she got married and started to enjoy her married life starting with a honeymoon.

She has revealed how much she enjoyed her honeymoon with her husband Sam Asghari during the two weeks vacation on a yacht.

Britney posted two risque posts on her instagram account. She has posted a clip where she is dancing with her 28 year old husband cuddling and giving him kisses.

Her look was a blue bikini with black polka dots on them. She posted on a yacht by herself with this look. All the time the clip showed her dancing around her husband giving us hugging scenes.

She teased that her behavior around her husband in the caption of her post was not “ideal” for her husband. She said that she was playing the role of how to lose a guy in 10 days and if she was obnoxious enough.

Britney later on instagram posted another video where she posted on the ocean and sand with and without her bikini top. Totally Britney’s style.

Her instagram post was not a girls gone wild campaign because the photo was taken in a paradise place where she had gone for vacations.

She said in the capiton that she only was living her life and that is what happens when she vacates in a yacht and moves from one island to another.

As it seems Britney is frightened by helicopters as she claimed that she has lost four pounds in a day and “advised” the girls that it was a new way to lose weight and for her it was offensive.

The couple got married on 9 June on a intimate ceremony and invited some other celebrities like Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton and others.

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