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Armed Robber Refuses To Take Money From Elderly Woman And Plants A Kiss On Her Forehead Instead

In this article, we will see what happened when a young man tried to rob the pharmacy and the customers that were in.

Almost all the time thieves are seen as people who are heartless and steal from others with no guilt but this is not always true.

In Brazil, there was an armed robbery that proved everyone wrong. What was initially a scene that provoked fear then turned out to be a heartwarming scene.

Two men entered the pharmacy and asked the employee to give them all the money.

At that moment a customer who happened to be in the store offered to give all her money to the robber. The robber refused to take it and then gave her a kiss on the forehead to the elderly customer.

This story was told by the store owner named Samuel Almeida.

Samuel also said that the robber at that moment told the woman to be quiet and that he didn’t want her money.

It is also seen in the surveillance video that the robber gave a kiss on the forehead to the woman while the other one was searching the place.

The surveillance camera also shows that at the moment of the robbery there were only two people inside the pharmacy, the employee and the Earl art elderly customer.

Both of them made no resistance and let the robbers search for the money.

One of the robbers searched the place for cash and other goods while the second robber was with his two guns guarding that everything went smoothly.

Samuel the store owner said that the thieves only took $240 and also some other goods.

Of course, this does not justify the robbers because what they did is still a crime but it shows that there is kindness also in places where we don’t think it’s possible.

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