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A Movement? The Northern California autistic wrestlers thrive

The atmosphere in the wrestling room is always exciting. Shane Blocker and Isham Parea-Hood are two young wrestlers who are on the autism spectrum. They are smart, energetic, and very talented in this sport. Their parents feel happy but also relieved that their children found this sport. Wrestling is not difficult at all for them. After finishing school, they go to the wrestling course. Blocker and Perea-Hood meet friends and spend time together.

When they start the matches, everyone in the room gets excited. The coaches of the two children show that it is an indescribable pleasure to work with him. “They never get tired. This sport develops the psychological, emotional, and physical condition. This activity also makes them feel good and spend time with their friends. “They play smart, and I’m very proud of them.” shows their coach. They spend a lot of time practicing and have now become professional wrestlers.

This sport helps them grow and see the world differently. It can be a good lifestyle for them. “I feel good when I come to the wrestling room. Here I meet my friends, and I never get bored. We learn together, but we also make mistakes together. We never get bored with each other, but we try to practice as much as possible. In this way, we become even better. ” says Perea-Hood.

Their coach Joe Wesley helps the children and takes care of them having a good time together. According to him, with these children, you never get bored. The same thing is said by the head coach, Keith Rollins. “They are punctual. They are never absent in wrestling. They are always ready to learn new things. They also love the sport and care with all their might to perfect it. They do not allow anything in half. They are very responsible. ” he said.

He is happy with the work he does. “I advise all parents who want their children to practice a sport. Wrestling is the ideal sport for your kids. they will cooperate during the wrestling but develop their emotions. The children who have come to the course have learned everything and are improving every day. The children of this spectrum manage to develop more and practice this sport. “