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715 Pounds, World’s Heaviest Teenager Undergoes Life-Changing Weight Loss Surgery

It is probably safe to say that we have all tried to go on a diet at least once. We know that it is a real struggle.

Jacob Miller was only 15 years old when he had to lose 715 pounds in order to regain control of his life. He weighed 12 pounds when born and 50 pounds when he was one year old.

His parents quickly realized that they needed to help him. He was dealing with a life-threatening disease. He was bullied at school and had a lot of physical issues.

The doctors suggested that he needed to reduce his stomach and have a gastric bypass operation. In order to have the surgery, he first had to lose some weight.

Jacob was determined to improve his life and lost 77 pounds before the operation. Then he had an operation that lasted 5 hours.

He was immediately put on a diet that was very strict and had to exercise every day for the following year. He was supported by several nutritionists and physical therapists.

But his biggest support was his friends and family. A year has passed and the results are just fantastic.
Jacob was able to lose 150 pounds in only three months. His current weight is 530 pounds.

Before the surgery, he could barely walk for 5 minutes. Things have improved so much and he can now walk for 30 minutes without making a single stop.

From time to time he goes off the wagon but he is a hard and determined worker and always gets up on his feet.

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