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71-Year-Old Grandma Kicked Off Flight, Excuse Leaves People Mad

A 71-year-old grandma was flying to her destination when she was asked by a flight attendant a very simple question. No one expected her chain reaction. Before she knew it, the airline staff kicked her off the flight in front of her family. The airline issued an explanation, but this only made things worse and left people very mad.

Ellen Flemming, 71, a regular customer of the airline, who never faced any trouble while flying was surprised when she received an unusual response to one easy favor she requested from the staff or Air Canada to do. She did it while she was flying to New Brunswick from Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

Ellen asked the cabin crew for a simple service while she was traveling with her family. It was something not difficult so she was surprised by the chain reaction that simple request set off. She was horrified when she was thrown out of the flight by the crew. As a result, she got injured.

According to what Ellen described to Inside Edition, the accident started after she realized that the seat pocket in front of her was full of trash. She spoke to the flight attendant and asked him to remove it. While she was waiting for his help, instead of receiving a positive answer, he got nervous and started to raise his voice while refusing to do it. Ellen said ‘’ He hauled himself up to his full height and said, ‘I’m a flight attendant and I don’t look after garbage.

There was a shocking response to her, but she kept calm to avoid making a scene. She saw the food cart come by and she tried to get rid of it by herself, but things took a worse turn. The flight attendant, according to Ellen, batted her arm away and caused the trash to fall all over her family.

Ellen was thinking the situation was over but suddenly she received an unjustified reaction. When she heard the pilot saying that the plane needed to turn back to British Colombia, she understood that things were getting worse and worse.

The accident was caused by her and she had no idea about it. When they landed she found herself being escorted by the police while being told that she could not fly again with Air Colombia. Ellen was unaware of the reason because even the flying company was not putting a lot of effort to clarify things.

There was a letter from the airline that noted about Ellen this information ‘ “exhibited aggressive behavior toward a crew member; threw garbage on the food trolley; kicked a crew member when requested to wait until the member could come back and pick up the garbage as he was serving food.” Fox News reported that ellen claimed about none of them was true and there were other passengers who agreed to the same version of the story.

Helen Hollett, a passenger who sat facing Ellen, said that she never witnessed Ellen acting aggressively. Rather it was the flight attendant who was screaming during the incident, she also said that most of the other passengers were not aware of what was happening and even the police seemed to be of the same opinion and did not hold the 71-year-old woman, responsible.

The crew should show respect to the passengers if they want to receive it back. Everything was fine with Ellen but the problem started because a crew member choose to have an “it’s not my job” mindset. If it is not their job to take the trash, why do they always do it after serving the passengers a drink?

This particular flight attendant needs another line of work if he thinks that an action like that is beneath him. He looks like he is not that good of an employee with the attitude that he has. 

Every duty, no matter what kind, that makes the customer happy, should be considered part of your job. Superiority complex often brings unnecessary situations and this could be avoided if the employee shows a considerate mentality. The price of his arrogance was paid by an elderly woman.

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