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60’s Teen Heartthrob Bobby Rydell is 79 and Still Performing

In the ’60s, Bobby Rydell was a well-known and talented musician. He was loved and admired all over the world and not only in the United States.

His love for the showbiz world was inspired by his father, as he always believed his son had a lot of talents and belonged in that world. His father noticed this since Boddy was just a little 4-year-old kid. He would impersonate famous characters in front of their TV.

When Bobby was a teen, he participated as a musician in a talent show on television and he won. It was the starting point of his career. Later he would start performing with different bands and also he got his first contract signed. 

Some of the most famous singles of Bobby are “Wild One”, “We Got Love”, and “Volare”, all from the early ’60s. All these songs were very successful and got positioned first in many charts at the time, and still remain as liked by the audience today.

In the time when Boddy was having the peak of his artistic career, the boys’ band “The Beatles” became a worldwide sensation, living Boddy and other musicians behind. This made him lose his popularity and his contact at the time, and eventually, he became an alcoholic.

Bobby was dealing with the drinking problem when his beloved wife passed away. This only worsened things for Bobby who now thought alcohol is all he had left. 

Linda Hoffman was the woman who helped him overcome the problem Bobby had with alcohol. They married in 2009 and later he wrote an autobiography. 

The consequences of abusing alcohol for so many years, made him undergo two surgeries in the year 2012. 

Bobby is now 78 years old and he keeps performing. He says he will do so until he dies. Singing is all he has ever known and he loves it. 

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