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54 YO Pamela Anderson Shares Shirtless Photo As She Misses The Warm Weather

The well-known Hollywood star Pamela Anderson is now 54 years old. She has shared a new picture on her social media accounts where she is seen topless while sitting on a beach and staring at the ocean.

In the caption, she says that she misses the sunshine she gets in California or on the French Rivera. She appeared wearing only a necklace and a hat.

Recently Pamela has been reposting a lot of old photos of her. Many are viewing this as political activism. Many relate it with that one picture she shared of herself holding a sign while n biking, asking to get Donal Trumps’ attention. 

In that sign, Anderson asked to set free her friend Julian Assange. The two had a close relationship. Assange was charged with computer intrusion for cracking an important and classified password of the U.S Government.

Anderson says that Assange and she have a special connection. Assange is not close to anyone apart from Pamela. 

But apart from the political activism, most of the throwbacks that Pamela often shares are only for fun and a way to remind the world of her good looks throughout the years.

Recently, she has gotten a lot of attention after the “Pan and Tommy” series. Share your thoughts regarding this article in the comments section on Facebook.